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Friday, 8 July 2016

It's All in the Planning - Mr Merlon - Mummy's Knight

Flash Fiction / Micro Fiction
Length - 100 words each

Three pieces written for the competition theme 'Close'.
* 'Mummy's Knight' finished 3rd Place in the competition!


It's All in the Planning

How long was I out? Inside Reginald's head he'd already been spending the money, but movement in his rear-view mirror demanded his attention and he slammed a foot down on the accelerator, revving the engine in anticipation.
                'Come on! What are they doing?' He screamed aloud, struggling to hear himself. 'Are they walking!?'
                They opened the passenger door. That's when he noticed their swag bags were empty.
                'Trouble?' He shrieked, as he forced his foot down harder and his metal mistress moaned. 
                'Trouble.' One of the balaclava laden lads confirmed. His tone was infuriatingly casual. 'It's Wednesday. Place is closed.'


Mr Merlon

Since my first day of school, you, alone, found the time.
                You patched me up after all the fights - even those I fought against myself.
                School is done now, and, after years in the gutter I've finally taken charge. I've applied to become a qualified teaching assistant, thanks to your friendship.
                But instead of walking in through a familiar frame to see you busy marking coursework, I find this six-foot headstone of solid oak, and a tear escapes me.
                I pull it ajar, uncaring of the new tenant, and walk away.
                Because for me, this door was always open.


Mummy's Knight

My dad tells me, he's a valiant knight and that when I hear Mummy screaming, I must shut my eyes whilst he fights off The Monster.
                My dad tells me I must keep my eyes shut, because if it catches me peeking, The Monster will come for me as well.
                My dad is a liar. I did open my eyes once, and I saw The Monster. It looked a lot like my dad. When I'm a little older, I'll be the knight that Mummy was promised. Until then, as I grow into my braver armour, I'll keep my eyes closed.



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