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Short Stories

On this page is the complete collection of short stories produced for this blog. Just click the title of the story to be redirected.

All characters and events are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental unless otherwise stated.


Picture Perfect
Date Published - 20/12/16
Length - < 1500 words

The best kept secrets are those we keep from ourselves, but sometimes all it takes is the honesty of a lens to turn seeing into believing.

Mount Wulf
Date Published - 05/06/16
Length - 1929 words

Drawn to the hunt in enemy clan land by rumours of unusually large prey, Norscan Tomaas and his brother Jared are forced to separate to avoid the increased patrols. Jared is absent from their agreed rendezvous point, but signs of struggle suggest it was not always the case...

Angels Fall
Date Published - 15/12/14
Length - 2000 words

What would you do if you encountered an angel? You'd probably expect a serene setting, these visits are usually part of a greater plan and meaningful. Help and comfort in a time of need perhaps. What if the Angel instead needed help from you?

Head Full of Memories
Date Published - 15/12/14
Length - 8917 words

Julie's on her way to a gig and her car gives in to the inevitable. She'll miss it for sure. But as luck would have it, she gets an offer from a friendly stranger. Is luck the right word? Guaranteed she'll get a show, but it might not be the one she intended...

Dirty Browsing
Date Published - 22/03/12
Length - 1801 words

James and Liam are preparing for their history presentation on James' home computer, but boys will be boys. They get distracted by a little cheeky browsing on the side, and one search in particular throws up some very dubious results.

She Promised Me Snow
Date Published - 16/12/11
Length - 6096 words

It's Christmas Eve in the Norton household and Liam is charged with the seemingly impossible task of putting an excited little Aiden to bed. With all that's happened recently emotions are boiling over and Holly is pushed to breaking point. Will Aiden get what he wants for Christmas this year?

Monster Idol
Date Published - 01/06/11
Length - 2750 words

Having just enjoyed a stint on the slopes of The Arlberg on the family holiday to Austria, Fearne is bracing herself for the next, darker part of their journey. She got the slopes, so in the interest of fair play her parents have agreed to her brother's go to destination; where the altitude drops and the atmosphere thickens.

Accidental Ending
Date Published - 07/02/11
Length - 3823 words

Having just bailed on an important meeting with a nose bleed Alex is feeling confused and disorientated in the company bathroom. When John comes to investigate, sure that Alex was deliberately trying to jeopardise the pitch, there are doubts over whether Alex’s nose was ever bleeding at all.

Just Another Day In Hollywood
Date Published - 24/03/10
Length - 4172 words

Paul accompanies Nick and Simon for a trip to Hollywood Bowl to celebrate Simon's twenty-first birthday. As Nick destroys the pair of them in the scoring, Paul develops an interest in one of the waitresses.

This, the first story ever produced for this blog, is a fictional adaptation of actual events. Even the original scores were used.