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Friday, 11 March 2016

Crack in Time - Quick Key - Head on a Spike

Flash Fiction / Micro Fiction
Length - 100 words each

Three pieces written for the competition theme 'Leap Year'.


Crack in Time

'That's it?' He asked, squinting in the sputtering torchlight. 'A crack in the wall?' The masked curator nodded. 'What does this say?' He asked, pointing to the faded glyphs, carved into the rock.
                'An extra day with which to play, but will you go or will you stay?' The curator shrugged, 'Loosely.'
                'And it works?'
                'Yesterday? No. Tomorrow? No. But today?'
                'People actually travel through time?'
                'They go... somewhere.'
                It was one test of faith too many. He tried to leave, but the old man shoved him inside. Chuckling, he removed his mask.
                'I always did need a little push.'

Quick Key

'Hey Ryan! Guess what? The computers have been affected by some kind of leap year virus!'
                'Really?' As he set down his coat he pulled up his keyboard and tried to type. The screen was unmoving. 'Huh!'
                'You can finally type that horrible email to our beloved boss!'
                Ryan heartily obliged. He looked up to see his pal's face had paled.
                'I didn't know you could do that...'
                'Do what?'
                'Quick key at the end.'
                'Really? We work in IT.'
                'I switched the keyboards...' He said, slowly spinning the monitor from his adjoining desk around. The screen read 'Message Sent.'

Head on a Spike

He'll have my head on a spike. 'I'm late for work!'
                A football came rolling out across the bottom step as he descended, and he vaulted clear by an inch.
                'Why?!' He demanded, shaken.
                'It's leap year.' His young son offered weakly. 'Extra day.'
                'It doesn't work like that.' He said sadly, thinking mostly of himself.
                'You'd rather play with him than me?'
                A sharp pointy sensation at the base of his neck preceded a buzzing of the phone against his leg. Staring at his teary eyed son, he withdrew it from his pocket... and threw it across the room!


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