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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Blog - 15/08/13

Hello! Slow progress this month. I had an idea for a change in my short story entry in the redraft that I wanted to look at which has resulted in practically rewriting the whole thing, which slowed me down a lot. I may not even use it, but until I read the end result I won’t know which version I prefer. This can happen sometimes. It’s time consuming but anything you can do to potentially improve your entry should be pursued in my opinion. It could lead to me improving both versions alternately to see which turns out best which will take up most of my time. 

I’m looking forward to reading ‘Emperor of Thorns’ at some point this month. 'The Broken Empire’ series has been a fantastic read so far and was heading in a good direction at the end of the second book. As friends have caught up it was interesting to hear their opinion on the ending. Without giving too much away, it definitely divided opinion. I found I liked it because initially I sort of didn’t. You’ll have to see for yourself. I’ve been skipping over Mark Lawrence’s tweets in case of spoilers and can say the reviews are exciting me even further! A friend of mine has been kind enough to offer to lend it to me after he’s finished so I can continue the journey despite my extreme lack of funds! Thanks Chris! And thanks to Craig for recommending the series in the first place! 

Short and sweet this month! I’m eager to get back to the Athletics World Championships in Moscow! Looking forward to the start of the new season in the football as well! Although as an Arsenal fan I hope we can deliver on a couple of big name signings soon! We’ll have to see! Until next time, buh-bye! 


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