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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Quick Update - 21/09/17


Another quick thanks for those who voted for me in the recent contest I took part in at Short Fiction Break! The contest appears to be quarterly, so I'll stop asking for your votes going forward. Aside from being annoying, I have a few question marks over the validity of the contest's entry form in the public vote element of the contest. Going forward I'll just post a link to the stories via socials as an opportunity to read them before they go up on my site a few months later, so be sure to follow my Twitter / like my Facebook page for an advanced reading.

The judges are still deliberating over the contest proper, but I'll only post about the results if I make the shortlist. This will be the process for the foreseeable future in regards to this contest. Much like what I've been doing with the Micro Fiction contest, I see it more as a prompt to get more regular content out on this site for you guys to read!

In other news I have a new Micro Fiction piece (yes, the missing piece from the previous batch) appearing on Horrortree.com in their weekly 'Trembling With Fear' segment! It'll be going up on Sunday (24/09/2017) and is called 'Metronome'! I'll post links to it on my socials again, before eventually whipping up a picture for it and giving it the 'Micro Complete' treatment in due time and adding it to the site!

Pretty happy that the recent trio, based on the theme 'Ticking' have won one contest, and earned me an external pub between them!

Until next time, buh-bye! :)


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