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Friday, 18 August 2017

The Midnight Train - Amicable Split - Viper's Nest

Flash Fiction / Micro Fiction
Length - 100 words each

Three pieces written for the competition theme 'Strangers on a Train'.


The Midnight Train

As I boarded, a young couple wearing clothes better suited to the '50s had a frightened look in my direction. The modern train made them look strangers to their surroundings. He wrapped his jacket around her shoulders like I'd let the cold in with me.

Despite the journey our train hadn't actually moved. I got off at the next 'stop' to find myself back at the station where I started. I posed the silent question, and its modern face shimmied to reveal the steam locomotive at its head. They weren't strangers on my train, I was a stranger on theirs.

Amicable Split

Head down I boarded the train and almost bumped into a beautiful, blonde-haired woman. I gaped as long as the train guard would allow, before squeaking an awkward 'hello' I'm certain she heard over her headphones. No response.

Instinctively I felt for my wedding ring, forgetting it's not there anymore. Hers wasn't either. You can scream 'amicable split' until you're blue in the face, but the truth is one of you has to suggest it first.

Lives once so tightly intertwined unravel with a single pull. You feel. Then you heal. Until one day you're just strangers on a train.


Viper's Nest

Beware the helpful stranger's pleasant face, and listen for the rattle beneath.

On her maiden commute to the big city, Mike offered Jen his seat. Deaf to protest, they exchanged phone numbers. The text she later received was originally intended for Mike's wife.

Nigel charmed her a week later. She thought her luck had changed, but the roll came up double-one. He was squeezing the attentions of another doe-eyed girl on the return journey.

Brad presented his ornate hood, but Jen stood, barking the words a famous man once (almost) said. 'I've had it, with these snakes, on this train!'



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