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Friday, 11 December 2015

End of the World - Into Orbit - Birth & Bane

Flash Fiction / Micro Fiction
Length - 100 words each

Three pieces written for the competition theme 'Fireworks'.
* 'End of the World' and 'Into Orbit' were 'Highly Commended' in the competition!


End of the World

A bead of sweat rolled down the younger man's cheek.
            One international incident after another had torn the veil of peace from Mother Earth's weathered face, and together they stood guarding the antechamber of oblivion as those in power deliberated the end of the world.
            The bulb above bled red and sirens filled the corridor as their leader emerged from the doorway.
            'At ease gentlemen, at ease.' He leant across to steady the younger guardsman's quivering shoulder.
            'Is there nothing you can do?'
            'All weapons everywhere have just been launched.' He shrugged helplessly. 'I'm going outside to watch the fireworks.'

Into Orbit

'Did you want to say something, honey?' April nodded her head sadly.
            'Kyle wanted to be an astro... an ast... a space boy.' She paused a moment to look at the picture of him lying in his hospital bed. They weren't a family that stopped to take many pictures, and illness had taken his little life swiftly. '... But he couldn't. So now we're going to help him.'
            The rocket carried Kyle's ashes into orbit. It tore a brilliant blue hole in the sky. The bang shook free a tear and it rolled down her cheek, but she was smiling.

Birth & Bane

Anger wracked inside his frame, the restless flame, it is both birth and bane.

'Here goes...' He aimed the rocket at the restless dead. It shot across the clearing, but predictably sailed through their ethereal form, exploding against a tree which set fire to the dry brush.
            'What now?'
            'I don't have any more!'
            'No! Fire... works! Look!' One of the marauding spirits strayed too close to the flame and howled in silent anguish before dissipating entirely.
            Birth and bane.
            'It all started when they lit the Guy!' He said, scrabbling for a makeshift firebrand. 'We can fight them!'


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