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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Blog - 15/06/13

Hey! As mentioned last time I’ve spent this month working exclusively on the epic fantasy series. I’m fairly happy with the progress I’ve made, there’s not too much actual writing but I’m pretty much done in terms of planning and initial plot construction. Part of the challenge has been that most of the ideas I had happen much later in the series. I’ve had to come up with the plot for the book based around about three key events I had already planned to include. This framework has been done now for the initial version, with a few options already evident for the second, so now the writing should pick up pace... at least it would if I wasn’t changing direction again. 

There’s a couple of other pieces I’m going to be working on alongside the fantasy series now as I’m slightly nervous about the time I have to finish them. We all know deadlines are not my thing so I’m going to make an early start on them and hopefully balancing three projects off against each other will turn out to be a winning formula that keeps me focussed but also caters to my easily distracted nature. 

On the topic of distractions, if you’re a regular you may have guessed that my writing has slowed due to the French Open. If you’re not into tennis you might not realise just how time consuming watching the grand slams can be if you let it. Wimbledon is also just around the corner. In addition to this though I’ve been preparing for my theory test, which has meant I’ve not been reading much or researching because I’ve felt guilty that I should be reading my theory books if I’m going to read at all. It was worth it in the end though as I passed my test and am now one step closer to becoming a driver! Road users of Britain beware. 

A month and a half after its release ‘Comeback Kid’ has received fewer views than last month’s blog post - so I was right to be concerned. I don’t know if people aren’t too keen on flash fiction or if I should take it as evidence that I need to start posting more regular content if I want to keep the views up. I’ve always favoured my longer projects though and can’t see myself suddenly releasing new material at an improved rate, so I guess I’ll just have to accept the situation as it is for now. Thanks for sticking with me. Until next time, buh-bye! 


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