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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Blog - 15/12/13

Hey! Not much to report on this month I’m afraid! I’m still waiting back to hear the results of the latest competition and therefore can’t start work on the subsequent three-thousand word version of the story. I have to hold out some positive thoughts that the current version is good enough to have at least made the shortlist after all! In the mean time I’ve been typing up old works and generally feeling nostalgic, anticipating the wonders to come if I ever get around to finishing a project! 

The ‘Mistborn’ series continues to impress. I’ve started on the third of the trilogy and am truly captivated. Brandon Sanderson is a very talented writer. It is scary how similar some of the plot lines follow my own though, I have no doubt I shall be accused of pilfering at the very least when my own series finally sees the light of day! I can declare it here as much as I like however, the only way to really prove I’ve not at least incorporated similar ideas as heavy inspiration is to actually finish and produce something of my own, we know that’s a way off! It is inspiring to see such similar things work though, I’m enjoying the series thoroughly, it’s nice to know my ideas should at least make for good reading if the time should come! 

Merry Christmas people! I hope it’s a good one and I’ll be back in the New Year. Until then, buh-bye! 


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