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Friday, 12 February 2016

Ultimate Penultimate - Purple Emperor - First Flight

Flash Fiction / Micro Fiction
Length - 100 words each

Three pieces written for the competition theme 'A Fresh Start'.
* 'Purple Emperor' was 'Highly Commended' in the competition!


Ultimate Penultimate

He broke through the surface as the damned set the world to wretched ruin, striding through chaos almost tearfully. A fresh chapter amending a once concluded tale.
                Screaming women and children were tossed about like debris; gallant men cast first helpless, then lifeless to their knees.
                He took a wailing woman in hand, his demonic skin an unstable molten red, and gripped tightly until the light left her eyes.
                'Where are they taking them?' She asked. Above, the last angels escorted survivors into the clouds. 
                'They'll give up the Heavens for the Garden, my darling. Tonight we dine in Hell.'

Purple Emperor

'Beware the royal contract.' His master had said. 'Treachery is the seal.'
                The reason assassination is seen as unbefitting a king, is because they usually make a better job of clearing the trail back to them.
                He'd tasted so much noble blood he'd feared tampering his own heritage, but now the blade was back with its rightful owner, returned as a lepidopterist's pin, throne awash with the purple blood of an emperor.
                Threats of anarchy and civil war bled the wound he'd cut the kingdom, just one thing preventing his new life in anonymity.
                Choking, you fall to the ground.

First Flight

'By the power vested in me...'
                Imagine their faces, he thought, Mother will be going spare. By the look on his bride-to-be's face she was thinking much the same.
                Their love had blossomed on the spontaneous, unpredictable and exciting. Since the engagement they'd been pared back to convention by pushy family, friends and expectation. But clip a dove's wing and it's not truly a bird, so this morning they jilted the congregation and left for Vegas.
                'You listening to me, boy?' Their minister poked him in the face with his bejewelled cane and they set about laughing. Love granted flight.


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