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Tuesday, 13 April 2010


So I've had an idea...

Okay so first off I'm going to try and add a new story at quarterly intervals, roughly. Also I'm bumping them up to a ten thousand word limit. I want to get some practise at writing about different things so my plan is to have you guys suggest key words for the next story, three to be exact. Does that make sense?

For now the way I'll do it is for you to comment your three words on this post in CAPITALS. When it comes to writing time I'll tally the top three and we'll see what I can do. In terms of multiple posts I'll take your most recent three, no cheating here you see.

That means you can get your words in now. I'll take the tally at the start of June. Then I'll make a new post to start the process rolling again.

Okay we'll see how this goes. Remember kids, keep it clean.