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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Blog - 15/01/14

Hey! I’m on a high today because I just got back from passing my driving test! I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and as a good a start to the year as I have! 

 I’m going to keep it short and sweet this month. 

The main thing to report is that I’m going to be reducing the frequency of these blog updates. The plan is to aim towards completing some of my bigger projects this year so it seems unnecessary to keep posting when there’s not a lot of change in the situation. I think quarterly updates will suffice. 

I don’t think I made the shortlist for that competition. The shortlisted entrants get invited to a prize giving ceremony this Friday, so if I did make it, they’re leaving it a little late to inform me... I’ll redraft a final 3k version at some point as a last chance competition entry and then draw a line under this short version of the story. Hopefully the longer version will turn out to be more captivating or will reach a more appreciative audience. 

I’ve finished the ‘Mistborn’ series now and ever so highly recommend it. I was sceptical when my friend tried to explain the magic system to me, if not for my other friend offering to lend me the books shortly afterwards I don’t know if I’d have ever got round to reading them of my own volition. So a massive thanks to both and hopefully this will serve as a prompt to anyone else reading to get on it! 

And that’s it! All quiet for now but I shall be back at some point in the near future when I’ve figured out which months will be blog months. Until then, buh-bye! 


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