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Friday, 30 June 2017

Summer Writing Contest - I need your help!


I've taken part in a themed 1000-word short story contest. The organisers have introduced a 'Readers' Choice Award' in order to make their entrants engage in a bit of cheeky promotion on their behalf whilst the judges make their official decision.

It's clever if not see-through, in that making it an 'open' vote has essentially turned it more into a popularity contest than anything else. There's no sign up required, you just have to fill in a tiny autocomplete box by typing your (friend's) name. You don't even have to read the story.

I understand that it's 'just a bit of fun', but I'd be much happier if there was perhaps an additional award voted for by the other contestants. Similar to the 'Players' player awards' you find in sport.

A quick look at some of the other stories show some have well over a hundred 'shares' already, so I'm lagging behind by, well, over a hundred shares! In truth it might be too late to make up the ground (there's no formal indication of a closing date) but I'll encourage you to show my story a little love anyway!

In fact, it'd probably mean more to me if you'd have a read and drop me a comment at this stage! If I don't win by judges' vote, rest assured it'll end up on here anyway at some point in the future!

Voting takes seconds though so it'd be cool to have your support! All you have to do is click on the green button and select my story in the tiny form on this website! - http://shortfictionbreak.com/summer-17/

My entry 'Professional Courtesy' is listed about half way down the page, or you can follow the quick link and read it here - http://shortfictionbreak.com/professional-courtesy/

A comment or a share, to show you care, guys! (I'll see myself out.)

Until next time, buh-bye! :)


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Friday, 9 June 2017

A Comic's Story - The Comic Book Artist - Punch Line

Flash Fiction / Micro Fiction
Length - 100 words each

Three pieces written for the competition theme 'A Comic Story'.
* 'The Comic Book Artist' finished 3rd place in the competition!


A Comic's Story

I wake, my hotel room startling in its simplicity. I panic. Where am I? I check the date - it's the fifteenth. 'Oxford' I think, and breathe easy.

Almost three-hundred miles and seven hours later I croak my opening witticisms, birthing worded wings for thirty minutes in a complex, dazzling display. The social butterfly. Everybody's friend. Kind of funny really. I shed them there, and crawl back to my hotel room alone.

I wake, my hotel room startling in its simplicity. I panic. Where am I? I check the date - it's the sixteenth. 'Newcastle' I think, and breathe easy.

The Comic Book Artist

'Be ready,' The Hero whispers to his freshly inked nemesis, staring up the nostrils of The Artist. 'We're looking more and more like him with every panel. Our time will come.'

The Artist stares down at the outlined empty face of The Bystander, caught up in the collateral damage of the fight. 'Cameo?' he thinks, 'why not? It's good enough for Stan Lee.'

Image mirrored, the pen fights back. He cannot escape 'The Pull'.

He wipes debris from his eyes. Above him, The Hero and The Villain loom before a battle ruined sky. 'Oh the things you've put us through...'


Punch Line

'Quick, Mum! Grampy's fallen off the sofa!'
                The poor boy wants to laugh but he's worried, so I bark it out for him. He's shocked, but he joins me and I hang an old arm around his shoulders.
                'Why are we laughing Grampy?'
                'We call it slapstick comedy.'
                'But I'm young. You're old.'
                'The pointy-tailed man downstairs doesn't discriminate. You fall, we laugh, and you grow taller. At my age people forget it's funny. The man whispers his own joke instead and we shrink towards its terrible punch line. Go ahead and laugh, please, I'm not ready to hear it.'



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