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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Blog - 01/11/11

Yip, still on the sky-pirates thing. I never claimed to be the quickest of writers and I’ll never be one of those authors who’ll produce a new book every year, that’s just me I’m afraid. Having said that I definitely need to improve, and maybe one day I will, but for now I enjoy not being so strict on deadlines because it means I can fly off on a tangent and develop background thinking and research for other projects. Recently I’ve been working on designing and constructing my whole fantasy world which I’m finding quite exciting! It also means that it’s sort of on topic though as it’s the place that the sky-pirates writing is set, so it’s not all bad eh?

A group of friends convinced me to start reading ‘A Game of Thrones’ recently so I’ve just started on that. I got as far as reading the prologue and I was taken aback at how well written it was compared to my drivel. It’s amazing how much you can hype up your own work to the point of believing it, reality checks like this are most welcome. Also the old hardback editions include maps similar to those included in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy and have encouraged me to introduce my own in my series, probably going some way to explaining the aforementioned tangent.

In the last month I’ve finally caught up with the new series of Doctor Who and Torchwood, and again, have been impressed with the writing. ‘Miracle Day’ in particular was brilliant and made me think more about editing the sky-pirates writing to have enough content in each section as I release it. Matt Smith is by far the best doctor and the two series in which he is in have been the best. Without a doubt my favourite enemies are the ‘Weeping Angels’ so don’t be surprised if they inspire one of my own in the future.

I might actually get some more work done this month, we can but hope!