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Friday, 15 March 2013

Blog - 15/03/13

Hey! So I’m still waiting to hear back from Chapter One... It’s looking like I might have to consider sending them a letter as well as my fortnightly email reminder, which is a bummer as I was hoping I wouldn’t have to spend any more money on  resolving the situation. The way I saw it before was that by looking at other anthologies they’ve produced the entry fee for the competition matched the price, and short listing meant a free copy, so in a way I’d be making a profit by not having to pay for postage. If things work out the same with this competition turnaround I’m going to be negating that by sending a physical enquiry letter. Boo.

In other news I’m just putting the finishing touches to a flash fiction I’ve written for another competition. It’s free entry this time and the top two stories win a free entry into the main short story competition amongst other things. The main competition is much cheaper than the previous one I entered so I’m pretty much mentally committed to entering it anyway. I’ve made a start on my entry too so that’s something else I’ve been doing. Again, I’ve got plans to write a full version of this too.

The good news is that the judging period for the flash fiction competition is quite short and this time I checked and the author retains all rights, so regardless of the outcome I can post it here on the blog afterwards. Which means by May I can guaran- (maybe I won’t use that word just in case, haha.) you some new content! And obviously if Chapter One get back to me I’ll post that short story in the meantime. Until next time, buh-bye!


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