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Friday, 10 June 2016

Hammerhead - Head, Heart and Balls - Phantom Pain

Flash Fiction / Micro Fiction
Length - 100 words each

Three pieces written for the competition theme 'Headache'.
* 'Phantom Pain' was 'Highly Commended' in the competition!



'Give that guy a headache.'
                In the early days I took that command very literally, but my boss complained I lacked finesse, so now breaking brains through insufferable choice is my artistry.
                So what will it be?
                I could kill you in seven days. You could live it up, even try to kill me first.
                Or I could come for you at random. You'd live with eyes cast fretfully askance, or forget about me entirely. It could never happen, life nails us all eventually.
                Just remember, that could mean tomorrow.
                I still use the same hammer from twelve years ago.


Head, Heart and Balls

'My balls ache.' Henry complained, breaching the doorway. 'This stuff is supposed to be helping me, it's too strong. Have you seen my jacket?' Jane gave him a sharp look and hung up the phone.
                'You know Nora's brother? John? He's had some news.' Henry groaned, decrypting the family grapevine made his head hurt. My brother's, mother's...  '...Michael. His daughter's pregnant.'
                She stared expectantly.
                'But that's- We're having a baby?!'
                'I'm having a baby.' She cut in coldly, stepping aside to reveal his jacket stuffed into a half packed suitcase of his things. 'Your brother's.'
                He felt his heart break.


Phantom Pain

My head hurts and I love it. It makes my skin itch - even where it's missing. Fried neurological circuitry. I think they call that phantom pain.
                Straining every remaining sinew, I bust out of the ground and instinctively scrape the earth from empty eye sockets using skeletal digits that shouldn't even function.
                Vitality is excruciating, though my groans are pleasurable. When they buried me three years ago I never thought I'd think, less feel, again.
                I've claimed it before, but my stomach is literally empty.
                I don't know who to thank for my revival. I just hope they're tasty.



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