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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Thanks for your help!


Just a quick one to say thank you to anyone who voted for me in the recent contest I took part in! Unfortunately I didn't win the public vote, or place on the Judges' shortlist, so rest assured I'll be posting the story to the site in a few months with a horrible new cover image at some point in the near future!  

The winner of the Readers' Choice Award was a story (perhaps provocatively) titled 'It.' Well, I say story, it was actually a 1000 word poem. It's a powerful piece, and well worth a read... but I feel it had a tiny unfair advantage in subverting the contest slightly. Yes, I'm bitter, but when you're reading through hundreds of long form stories, a poem cropping up is obviously going to feel like a breath of fresh air. To be fair to the author they've really taken full advantage of the structure of the poem, creating dark and powerful suspense, and making it look visually appealing. I'm just saying, if I submitted a short story to a poetry contest, I doubt many would feel it acceptable that way around. But - it's a public vote and not bound to the same constraints as the main contest.

The overall winner was a wonderful story called 'Subject 34'. It's clever, current, and the concept is great! The 'subject' himself is also really well portrayed. So for a couple of minutes, definitely worthy of your perusal!

The link to the contest results announcement page is here - http://bit.ly/2vnBvBH

Thanks again for your votes! I'm just glad two entries that at least made the short list came from my group!

Until next time, buh-bye! :)


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