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Friday, 12 August 2016

Sentence - Binnie - Sunken Valley

Flash Fiction / Micro Fiction
Length - 100 words each

Three pieces written for the competition theme 'Holiday'.
* 'Binnie' was 'Highly Commended' in the competition!



'Up.' He said, clattering the ladder against the sofa. It wrenched his son from newspaper-abetted slumber, and he shrieked in fright. 'I'm going to patch that crack in the ceiling.'
                'No,' His son said. 'You're not. You need to slow down. They forced retirement on you for a reason. Think of it like those holidays you went on with Mum.'
                He heard her sweet laugh echo, felt her last kiss on the back of his hand.
                This was no holiday, not without his Muriel. It was a sentence, with but one way to survive it.
                'I'll go tile the hallway.'



Andrew burst through the door with his arms open wide and his eyes closed, bracing himself for impact. Once again, the anticipated whirl of fur and tongue slobber was not forthcoming. Instead, his father came into the hallway, sorrow written on his face.
                'Binnie's... gone away.'
                Andrew took a breath, 'On holiday?'
                'If you like. He might be gone for some time though.'                                     
                'That's okay.' Andrew said, smiling. His father didn't see it as he patted his head. Andrew nodded and made to leave. 'Where are you off to now?'
                'To make him a present. For when he gets back.'


Sunken Valley

'You didn't bring a lighter? Matches?' Ben snapped the twigs he'd been rubbing together.
                'I did. But they're currently three feet underwater.'
                 The three of them drew in a tight pathetic huddle beneath the makeshift shelter they'd constructed following their escape. Lightning blazed, rain dancing along the sodden underwear they'd substituted for guy ropes. It drummed on the bed sheets tied to branches overhead as thunder crashed its frightening crescendo.
                'Why did you park it downhill?' Becky muttered, clutching their whimpering daughter. 'When I said we should go on a caravan holiday in the Valleys, I didn't mean inside one.'



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