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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Reborn - Unable - When Rabbits Lay Eggs

Flash Fiction / Micro Fiction
Length - 100 words each

Three pieces written for the competition theme 'Easter'.
* 'When Rabbits Lay Eggs' was Highly Commended in the competition!



'You sure it's him? They're calling him uncatchable.'
                'It's him.'
                'You think the killer is Jesus Christ?' He said, sceptically looking up at the crucifix.
                'Go around.'
                The killer hung grotesquely from the back of the statue. He returned to his colleague.
                'He did this to himself? How long?'
                'He's been dead four hours.'
                The detective's phone rang.
                'When? Just now? But he's...' He peeked around and hung up, stunned.
                The body was gone. Petrified, the twisted corpse had assimilated into a perfect rendition of the statue's front, 'Reborn' additionally engraved in the stone's base.
                'I guess they were right.'



Trembling, she lowered her hand as her dead father slumped to the ground.
                'Give it here.' Her younger brother said, prying the smoking gun from fear locked fingers. 'We don't have much time.' Blood streaked his face where Father had struck him moments before.
                'What do we...'
                'Say it was me.'
                Outside, people were already rushing to investigate. His eyes dropped to the curve of her stomach.
                'Every child needs a mother to protect them, from beasts like him.' He turned the gun on himself.
                'You'd die for my sins?'
                'Do what mum couldn't.' He said, and pulled the trigger.


When Rabbits Lay Eggs

'I just bought you that rabbit! Now you want a bike? When pigs fly, son. Or better yet, when that rabbit lays me a golden egg!'
                Two months later.
                'One to find Mikey!' He patted him on the head and took the mini Easter egg from him.
                Mikey's elder brother, Jake, sauntered in.
                'Thought you were helping? Is that straw?' Jake just shrugged.
                'Found it!' Mikey screamed, a little too excitedly.
                'On top of the fridge eh?'
                'In the hutch!'
                'What?' Terror stole his breath, the egg's wrapper was golden.
                'You did promise.' Jake offered casually. 
                'You little sh-'



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