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Friday, 6 November 2015

Committed - Kiss of Death - Brave

Flash Fiction / Micro Fiction
Length - 100 words each

Three pieces written for the competition theme 'Unlucky Halloween'.
* 'Brave' finished 2nd place in the competition!



Halloween is my time, and this year, like the shops I started early. I was committed, as they say, or should be, and wild accusations had me confined under house arrest.
                On the night I almost gave up hope, scuppered by rain and reputation, until one little Robin Hood got separated from his family.
                I offered him one of my beloved spider cakes, but he refused, months of hunting behind furniture wasted. I thought to win him over and ushered him inside.
                That he recognised my hand crafted decorations as his missing kid sister was just plain unfortunate. For him.

Kiss of Death

'You're not gonna believe it! I kissed Jennifer! It was... magical!' Jordan beamed, eyes fixed on Dave's wizardly cloak. 'I heard her in the cafeteria, she's come as an angel. And I used this!' He pinged his mask back over his smug face.
                'Yeah mate, but so did her sister...' Under the mask Jordan's face was unreadable, but there was a weight to the silence that followed. 'Mate, everyone saw it.'
                'Wait, everyone? Even...' Dave nodded his head in mock solemnity, and Jordan felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned slowly, and came face to face with the reaper.


I slipped away from the others under cover of the storm, running a finger along the police tape that lined the path to the door.
                'I've come for my sister.'
                I pulled back my green hood and buffeted him over the threshold. He tried to distract me with poisonous edibles, but I pushed deeper into his lair.
                Then I saw her, everywhere, she lined the walls.
                I screamed my fury, but it was only one more cry against the chorus of this unhallowed night. My one chance cruelly reversed.
                I spied an empty place on the mantelpiece, undoubtedly my own.


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