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Monday, 15 December 2014

Blog - 15/12/14

Hello there! So it's nearly Christmas and with that comes the end of 2014. It's been a transitional year for me and one in which I've had to re-evaluate my circumstances , which ultimately has led to my writing taking a bit of a blow. I'd been out of work for a while, but this year I landed a part time job, which quickly saw me taking on full time hours and soon I'll be moving full time to full time. It's been draining, and what time I've had for writing has been quickly diminished by a lack of energy, enthusiasm and motivation. I know most aspiring writers juggle around full time commitments, I've just not made the transition as quickly or as smoothly as I'd hoped or anticipated. That's not to say I've not done anything, just a whole lot less than I ought to have.

Anyway enough boo hoo! Finishing third in that competition with 'Blink' was a welcome boost whilst I was dwindling and means the year hasn't been a complete write off! Sure, I'm still smarting at the loss of what was going to be my first piece up in print with the collapse of Chapter One Promotions, but knocks are expected, and instead of viewing it as a plus one countered by a negative one, I'm choosing right now to see it instead as a zero, leaving this year on a big fat plus one!

So let's celebrate a successful year!

As before, I've not managed to conjure up anything new this year, but I'm going to give you guys an unpublished story from the archives! The big question though, which one?

Option A) 'Angels Fall' - 2013

What would you do if you encountered an angel? You'd probably expect a serene setting, these visits are usually part of a greater plan and meaningful. Help and comfort in a time of need perhaps. What if the Angel instead needed help from you?

 This piece is 2000 words. Originally it came out about 3000, but instead of finding a different competition closer to its size I decided to strip it down to the word limit. Although I felt the final product to be inferior I definitely acquired new skills and thinking along the way, but try telling that to the judges! Haha. It didn't place, and I'll be revamping it in the future for a larger word limit, but I'll give you the story in its 2000 word state!

Option B) 'Head Full of Memories' - 2012

Julie's on her way to a gig and her car gives in to the inevitable. She'll miss it for sure. But as luck would have it, she gets an offer from a friendly stranger. Is luck the right word? Guaranteed she'll get a show, but it might be the one she intended...

Okay, so this one is a little different. When I first started this blog I used to get people to contribute three key words for me to base a story on. That hasn't happened for a little while, probably because I never actually finish them, or like this one, take it, run with it, and develop it for something much larger. So. This one is a work in progress that hasn't had any attention since 2012! I plan to release it as an eBook at some point so I'll only keep it on here for a bit. It's obviously a bit longer at nearly 9000 words, and one day I have plans to make it at least a novella, so if you fancy it give it a go! I reread it for the first time this morning and didn't realise I'd taken it as far as I had! And I actually kind of like it!

Decisions decisions! I've been agonising over it for the past couple of days. But you know what? One of my colleagues has been desperately trying to instil a bit of Christmas spirit in me. So today I think I'll buckle, just a little bit, and let you guys have both! :)

Jut click the titles below to be redirected!

Merry Christmas guys! And a happy New Year at that! Feedback would be much appreciated, but any kind of audience these days is a bonus! Thanks for sticking with me!

Until next time, buh-bye!


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