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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Blog - 15/11/12

Well, not a lot to talk about this month. I’ve spent most of the time planning and organising for my epic fantasy series of the future so there’s nothing to display. I am now in the process of planning for this year’s Christmas story though, so hopefully you’ll have something new to read before 2012 is over! Early indications are this one might turn into a serial too with a new piece added in subsequent years from the same story but that is yet to be fully decided.

I have been talking to friends and looking back over old projects and it’s probably about time I started working on them again. I get bored of spending too much time on one project and I also worry that if I finish it in one attempt that there’s not enough chance for me as a writer to improve, or that certain ideas could have been used that I wouldn’t have thought of at the time. I guess in a little way I’m scared of finishing a project, I’m just so worried I could have made it better with time apart to learn and think of new things. Finishing is just so, you know, final. I could always go back and re-master, but it’d never be the same and I couldn’t change the plot in any great deal. I think I’ve had sufficient time away from certain projects though, now might be the time to go back and do some more work, including the first novel I started, which is scary. The gap has proven its worth though, I found myself cringing so much at my first efforts and places for marked improvement. I still love the story and the characters in it. I just have to man up and bring it (slightly) closer to an end. ‘Slow down though Paul, you still have that Christmas story to write.’ Plenty of time to change my mind then...

Though I haven’t spent much time actually writing I have been doing a lot of reading recently. I finished Tim Severin’s Pirate series and was thoroughly impressed. The gripe I had at the beginning disappeared entirely by the end as I got truly immersed and I can’t thank him enough for providing a bit of a guide for my own time writing about the open water. I’m definitely going to look into his Viking series and his new Saxon one too. It’s all been about Jorg for me though. A friend lent me ‘King of Thorns’ by Mark Lawrence and boy am I glad he did. Astounding. If you thought ‘Prince of Thorns’ was good... I honestly prefer it to Westeros. Please read this series. It contained more of the type of fantasy I like and is structured so cleverly,  with twists and ‘ahhhhs’ in abundance. Just so, so good. Not such a fan of the ‘Builders’ stuff but it’s a small price to pay and well incorporated. I wondered if there’s an element of homage to Stephen King as I found out he was a fan of the ‘Dark Tower’ series recently and it strikes a similar chord to the ’Old Ones’. Maybe. Just so good though. The third will be different, I know it, but there’s not a chance I’ll love it any less.

Nothing else to say really! Christmas comes early when you need to write about it in advance! Until next time, buh-bye!


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