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Monday, 4 July 2011

Three Words - 04/07/11

Time for your ideas for the next reader orientated piece of writing.

Make sure you comment on this post with your three words in CAPITALS. As of now, peoples’ names are not to be included.

Alternatively you can tweet me your three words with the hash tag #ThreeWords followed by your words, again in CAPITALS. Make sure it's aimed at me (@PaulJIsaac) or it won't count! So it should look like this;

@PaulJIsaac #ThreeWords ONE, TWO, THREE

Remember, if you like the suggestion somebody has already posted you can show your support by repeating the three words they have used again.

Closes - 31/07/11.


H4WkY said...

erotic, mario, poo

tough one this time paulie!

Paul said...

I probably should have closed this long ago but now it's official. The winning words are EROTIC and POO. I've excluded 'Mario' because names are no longer valid. It might be a while before the next 'Three Words' post so there's plenty of time for people to think of some good ones!