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Monday, 24 January 2011

Introducing ‘Scene Snaps’!

Okay, so I’m aware it’s been a long time since I’ve updated this blog with any new content so I’ve been thinking of a solution that doesn’t involve rushing the short stories into something I’m not happy with. As a result, I’ve come up with something I’m calling ‘Scene Snaps’. These will be stand alone scenes with no post or previous storylines attached and will vary in length in accordance with content.

The target is to upload a new ‘Scene Snap’ fortnightly which will allow me to continue working on other projects, such as the short stories, in the background.

Again, these ‘Scene Snaps’ will rely on reader participation so the ‘Three Words’ posts will be in effect. Consequently, the ‘Three Words’ posts will be divided and labelled with either ‘Scene Snap’ or ‘Short Story’ in the title. These will now run alongside each other as the stories take longer to write. So if you change your mind on what three words you’ve suggested for the story because of how something turned out in a ‘Scene Snap’ don’t be afraid to go back and post comment/tweet a different suggestion. As previously mentioned I’ll only take your most recent post comment/tweet into account.

I’m working on the first ‘Scene Snap’ from today and posting the first ‘Scene Snap’ ‘Three Words’ post for your suggestions. So this time in a couple of weeks you should finally have something new to read!

I’m still working on a new short story that I got an idea for during Christmas and will post a new ‘Three Words’ story post upon completion. Thank you for your patience!

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