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Three Words

Three Words is an interactive element of this blog in which I ask the readers to suggest three key words for me to incorporate into the next Short Story or piece of Flash Fiction.

Look out for the posts titled 'Three Words' and make sure you comment on the post with your three words in CAPITALS. Names and expletives will not be counted.

When entry closes I’ll tally the top three words and incorporate them into the next piece of writing, with any drawn results allowing me to choose the suggestion I like the best. If the same person posts more than once I’ll only count the most recent entry.

If you like a suggestion that has already been made you can just repeat the same three words to give them a boost in the tally instead of coming up with your own.

If things get unreasonable I'm not going to choose your words and I'll cherry pick so don't waste your time.

Occasionally the short story can grow so exponentially that I'll reserve it for a full length book so it may be abandoned and I'll create a new 'Three Words' post. I apologise for this but sometimes you just have to go with it!

Thanks in advance and I look forward to your suggestions!

Three Words - 16/04/12
Status - Closed
Dates Active - 16/04/12 - 30/04/12
Used in -

Three Words - 04/07/11
Status - Closed
Dates Active - 04/07/11 - 12/12/11
Winning words - EROTIC, POO
Used in - 'Dirty Browsing'

Three Words - 01/06/11
Status - Closed
Dates active - 01/06/11 - 04/07/11
Used in -

Three Words – Scene Snaps – 07/02/11
Status - Closed
Dates active – 07/02/11 – 16/05/11
Used in - 'Monster Idol'

Three Words – Scene Snaps – 24/01/11
Status - Closed
Dates active - 24/01/11 – 07/02/11
Used in -

Three Words 13/04/10
Status - Abandoned, going to be used in my first novella!
Dates active - 13/04/10 - 02/06/10
Winning words - HOOKER, DEAD, NICK