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Calling all artists!

I welcome you to contribute fan art to ANY of the Short Stories or Flash Fiction pieces published on the site. I'll select one submission to act as the page's centrepiece (I may change this periodically), and place the rest in a gallery page for that piece of writing.

In the case of Micro Fiction it might be worth checking out the specially created Micro Pic Competition page before submitting artwork. There's reward for submitting to certain pieces at certain times, although I will still accept submissions outside the competition time frame!

It will be image credit only, but by providing additional contact information such as your website or Social Media tags with your submission you could receive interest for your skills as an artist.



Up to 500 pixels wide x 500 pixels high
File must be jpeg format

I reserve the right to reject any submission. Please ensure the image you submit is relevant to the piece you are submitting it for. If it's not close enough to the theme, or if I decide the nature or standard of the image is unusable for my site I will not accept your submission. (I will inform you if that is the case.)

For the time being, I request that your submissions adhere to the specified size, so that it will fit presentably on the gallery page. I will not scale your image for you post-submission. If it's not within the specified size, I'll reject your submission.

Please ensure your entry is saved in jpeg format. Any other file extension will be rejected.


How to Submit

To submit your artwork, send me an email at paulisaacwriter_enq@hotmail.co.uk with your image attached, using the subject title as 'Artwork' followed by the name of the piece you are submitting it for. 'Artwork - (Title)'.

In the body of the email, please answer the following questions.

Name (As you'd like it to appear on the site.):

Social Media Tags (For links on the gallery page. If you don't have a personal website, you could instead supply your Tumblr or Deviant Art page for example. If you don't have a Facebook Page, Twitter account or Instagram account, please put 'N/A'. This also applies if you simply don't wish to provide that information.)
Personal Website:
Facebook Page:

* By submitting your image for use on my site you also give me permission to use it on associated networks. For example, I may include your image in a separate gallery on my Facebook page. *

** Please allow up to a week before chasing me for confirmation of your submission - I'm currently operating as part of a one man team! **



The first ten contributors will be awarded a coupon for free entry to Morgen Bailey's online writing course 'Entering Writing Competitions'! (Normally £15)

Find out more about Morgen's courses here - http://bit.ly/1MAhfOw

10 places still up for grabs!

**Coupons are limited to one per person**

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